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  1. Vojkea

    Skyblock Reset <-> Bringing Back the Good Old Days

    Skyblock Reset - Turning Back the Clock DATE AND TIME: 7 PM UTC 4/4/2020 It's time! After 2 months we're bringing ourselves up once again. It's time for the Skyblock Reset all of you wanted and deserved. After our mistake on the 2nd reset, we've realized that we've completely lost focus after...
  2. Vojkea

    [Important] Network Update

    DATE: 04.4.2020. Authentication Update (Semi-Premium) - We are updating our authentication system, from now on Premium users will not need to register/login, they will be logged in automatically. While Cracked users are still going to register with a password and will need to login each time...
  3. Vojkea

    Uskoro izbacujemo Prijave na ovom forumu, ako si se apply-ovao na starom moraces ponovo.

    Uskoro izbacujemo Prijave na ovom forumu, ako si se apply-ovao na starom moraces ponovo.
  4. Vojkea

    [Helper] extension pack

  5. Vojkea

    hello my nam e is jammreras

    Hello Jammaers, my boy! Very happy to see you here!
  6. Vojkea


    Same, feelsgoodman 👺
  7. Vojkea

    Skywars 2.0 Release - Fully Revamped

    [+] Skywars 2.0 Release [+] Date & Time: 29/2/2020 17:00 UTC After lots of time spent, we are proud to announce that we are ready to release our completely remade Skywars 2.0 server! Listed below are some of the main features of our upcoming Skywars 2.0 server: Completely remade kits...
  8. Vojkea

    [Follow] Report a Player Guide

    REPORT TEMPLATE In order for your report to be valid and accepted, you need to follow this template/format when reporting a player for rule-breaking. Username: Username of the player being reported, example: Vojkea Date & Time: The time and date of when the rule-breaking occurred, example...
  9. Vojkea

    Prison Release - It's Time!

    [+] Prison Release [+] Date & Time: 7/3/2020 17:00 UTC The time to release Prison has finally come! We've been thinking and working on this project for a while, and our goal was to create a mix of the old school prison and add some bonus aspects to it to make it a bit different. Features our...
  10. Vojkea


  11. Vojkea

    Forum Update 2.0 [Upgrade]

    [+] Forum Update 2.0 [+] Upon our release, the only major thing we were lacking was a reliable forum software and a modern look to it. Due to those factors, it has lead us to a point where our forums were completely inactive despite us having an active playerbase in game, which is why we're...