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Forum Update 2.0 [Upgrade]

[+] Forum Update 2.0 [+]

Upon our release, the only major thing we were lacking was a reliable forum software and a modern look to it.
Due to
those factors, it has lead us to a point where our forums were completely inactive despite us having an active playerbase in game, which is why we're bringing this update to you guys today.

From now on, you'll be able to enjoy a modern looking forum design.
Some more changes we'll introduce within the forums:

  • We'll do forum giveaways, as we're planning on reviving the giveaways channel on our discord we'll also include some giveaways that require forum accounts/usage.
  • We'll do forum events, give out a wide variety of rewards to the participants and the winners (From Coupons/Keys/Ranks/Discord Features to PayPal Rewards).
  • Regular updates within the changelog and announcement sections of the forums.
  • And many more things to come.
Some cool facts about the new forums:
  • You can change color of the text, through the color bar on the mid left side of your screen.
  • Updated Reaction to post system, with positive/neutral and soon to come negative ratings.
  • Easier account creation, you'll also be able to directly attach images to your posts, you won't need to use imgur or other websites.
  • Discord button on the mid left side of your screen, allowing you to easily join our discord server with a single click.
This is only the beginning, we have a lot of things to come planed, some of which will be posted in the next couple a days!
Stay tuned!