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[Important] Network Update

DATE: 04.4.2020.

Authentication Update (Semi-Premium)

- We are updating our authentication system, from now on Premium users will not need to register/login, they will be logged in automatically. While Cracked users are still going to register with a password and will need to login each time.
We're also updating our /skin system to be more smooth and available over the whole network.
This change will take place on the 4th of April with our Skyblock Reset.

Upgrading our Dedicated Server
- We have upgraded our Dedicated server and now we'll be able to release more servers and the servers performance should be much smoother.
The company we've switched to is amazing, they offered us great support and offered amazing prices, if you wish to get a Dedicated server yourselves I highly recommend getting in contact with them.
They offer both EU and NA servers, and are great to their customers, I'm happy to say that we'll be sticking with them for a long time.

Hub/Lobby Update

- We're updating our Lobby server and getting a completely new and modern look, a look that should fit the image of a professional server much more. This hub will be released on the same day as Skyblock + The whole network update, the 4th of April.
Also from now on, cracked users will first connect to an AuthMe server, and once they get trough the auth process they'll be teleported to the Hub server, while premium users will connect directly.

Skyblock Reset

- We're resetting our Skyblock server on the 4th of April, we've been working on it for quite a while and our goal is to bring back the old glory of skyblock, that's why we're bringing a lot of stuff from our first reset + adding some new things you'll love. A post about it will soon be posted on our forums discussing which features we'll have, and possibly a video in which I'll explain in depth what the new Skyblock will have to offer. Make sure to not miss it!

Prison Update
- We will be updating our prison server in the following days, some of the things you may expect to see:
  • Fixed bug with Mine resets (where when you'd be on the edge you'd get stuck)
  • Adding more rewards to Luckyblocks and different Luckyblocks, which will be obtainable in higher mines
  • Dueling System with Custom Arenas
  • Update to our Crates
  • Small Balance changes and bug fixes
  • VipC1-C5 Mines (For Donators)
  • And more...

Forum Update
We will add the following things to our Forums:
  • Application Section
  • ReCreate the Unban section
  • Modify the current look of it, add a few features and improvements
Make sure to not miss out on these updates! And if you have any suggestions I would highly appreciate if you'd share them with us either on here, or on our discord.
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I'm baned because I supposedly used kill aura. But I've never used cheats in my entire life. And I don't understand why I got the ban. I just played a little bit today and stayed afk once and saw that I was baned