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Prison Release - It's Time!

[+] Prison Release [+]
Date & Time: 7/3/2020 17:00 UTC
The time to release Prison has finally come!
We've been thinking and working on this project for a while, and our goal was to create a mix of the old school prison and add some bonus aspects to it to make it a bit different.

Features our Prison Server will have:

  • Different Ranking/Rankup System, we aren't planning on doing the casual A-Z, instead we're going with Class1 -> Class5, and Prestige 1 -> Prestige 10.
    Overall we won't have as many rankups as other servers, but we've decided to do that to make ranking up much more rewarding, instead of each rankup unlocking a slightly better mine, on our prison server each rankup will unlock you more features, the more you rankup the more places/access you unlock.
    Some examples:
    C1 -> C2 Unlocks the Gambling Option (A Mini-Bar where you can enjoy your drinks and gamble) + Additional Missions.
  • As mentioned above, each mine unlocks new missions, giving rewards that will help you rankup quicker.
  • /warp Free is an unique RPG styled world where you're able to rent parts of a large castle town, you are able to rent things such as houses & multiple marketplace locations to sell your loot at.
    Not only that, but this world unlocks a special type of missions, which are made within clues/scrolls, that encourage you to explore the world, fight off the bosses of the world and let you win amazing rewards.
  • LuckyBlocks while mining, you have a chance to win amazing loot such as spawners/crate keys/special coins (used in a special shop), and many more amazing rewards.
  • In order to bring back the feeling of the old prison, we'll keep the /shop at /warp shop (as a sign shop), but we'll also add an additional shop with coins that are earned from Voting & Ranks & LuckyBlocks (Mining) & Missions, in that shop you'll be able to unlock a wide variety of things.
  • Gangs with a large variety of commands.

  • Temporary & Permanent Multipliers + AutoSell.

  • Quizes in chat, Math/Question/Scramble problem solving for Special coins.

  • PlayerWarps allowing players to create warps to their cells/houses/markets

  • Kits for Prestiges

  • VIPLounge for Donators

  • Cosmetics

  • Old-school crate system

  • Balanced Economy

  • Bosses & BossFigths

  • And much more!

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