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Skyblock Reset <-> Bringing Back the Good Old Days


Skyblock Reset - Turning Back the Clock
DATE AND TIME: 7 PM UTC 4/4/2020

It's time! After 2 months we're bringing ourselves up once again. It's time for the Skyblock Reset all of you wanted and deserved.
After our mistake on the 2nd reset, we've realized that we've completely lost focus after the major success of season 1, we wanted to create something totally new, instead of updating what we've already had and making smaller changes. But we didn't give up and today I'm proud to present you with our Skyblock Reset.

We've listened to your suggestions and that's why we're bringing back the following things:

  • We're bringing back PlayerVaults (/pv)
  • We're bringing back the Old Spawn (Modified and Improved Look)
  • We're bringing back the OldSchool chest shops
  • We're bringing back the Old Crate system but this time with a huge improvement in quality
  • We're bringing back some old CE's, but this time the maximum Enchantments on a piece will be 4
  • We're bringing back Questions and Quizzes in Chat
  • We're bringing back the old Spawner/Stacking System (No More bugs, much cleaner Look)
Now for the best part, the new things we're introducing to our Skyblock:
The harvesting hoe has 2 modes, autocollect/autosell, the autocollect mode will automatically collect items for you and place them in your inventory.

The Autosell feature will automatically sell your crops in /shop.
These hoes leave fancy looking holograms that display how much items you've received/how much money you've earned.
We're using a far more optimized Skyblock Core, that'll make your time on the server way more enjoyable.
And we're also adding a few things with it, such as:
Is Upgrades.png
Better Island Upgrade System with more upgradeable things.

And Island Missions!
Is Missions.png

Not to mention, this plugin has a far better /is top system, but I'll keep that a secret until the release.
We're adding LuckyBlocks to Skyblock, they'll be earned trough mining.
You'll be able to open them by placing them down and breaking them.

Mobcoin Signs, that you can place by typing [Mobcoins] on a sign, that'll generate mobcoins for you.

Additional rewards you'll be able to earn while Fishing/MobSlaying/Farming...
We're adding Cosmetics from Prison, and a coin system with it.
Accessible trough /cos /cosmetic /cosmetics

We're bringing back the Old Hoppers! With a ton of features!

+ We're adding these:

  • Outposts (Will give Bonus Sell prices for Sugarcane/Cactus Crops + XP Boost when captured)
  • Envoys
  • Bounties
  • FPSBooster (/fps) Will allow you to toggle certain things off, such as piston movement (only visually, they'll still work), Spawners and many more things.
  • More Balanced Economy
  • Improved Kits
  • and Much More!
Don't forget to drop by! We'll also be hosting major events in the incoming days but more about that tomorrow!